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    psp GameMusicGear 1.4

    News via

    After a month off the coder Silmarilion back with a new update for its GameMusicGear, a multiformat audio player inspired by some players for the PC known as WinAmp. In this version we notice several improvements in the functioning of the program, including some found time to stop running processes and speed the execution of some plugins simply by moving the lever of power in the HOLD position, an option to remove individual tracks from active playlist and save the playlist on Memory Stick for later use, and the introduction of some update to the plugins in the archive. In addition were also fixed several bugs and reinclusa the skin "rockmax" forgotten by mistake in the previous package.
    Then we find the complete list of changes in this release and the link to download.



    - New Capcom QSound's (QSF) plugin based on the SDK Audio Overload by R. Belmont and Richard Bannister. NOTE: The plugin has no support yet compressed and takes around 10 seconds to load a song: (.
    - Testing new HOLD Mode: when you press the hold switch will automatically turn off the screen, and all the OJ operations will be stoped. This will help some CPU heavy plugins, like in_psf and in_uade. But I still need to make it compatible with the remote.
    - Option to remove items from the playlist browser. Must open the browser and press R to switch to the playlist.
    - Save the playlist feature with a simple text input dialog.
    - Added option downsample to 22 kHz in_psf know most soundtracks can be played without lag (but i recommend using the hold mode for that purpose). You can enable it in the input plugins setup screen.
    - Updated blargg's File_Extractor library to version 1.0.0. Which Allows faster browsing of compressed files. And now some large avi files can be Decompressed (tested some psf soundtracks around 20 MB). NOTES: Big compressed files can take several seconds to decompress.
    - Updated adplug core to version 2.2.
    - Updated vgmstream core to revision 734. And in_stream renamed plugin to in_vgmstream to be more specific. NOTE: I have not written all vgmstream supported file formats in the in_vgmstream.plugin since there are a LOT of formats now, I just put some for testing purposes, so you have to add them manually.
    - Release source code of plugins based on the GPL and other licenses that require release of source code. The archive is called gmgear_plugins_src.7z

    - Increased priority of audio thread cpu and reduced rate of most plugins. The gui became a little slower but i guess it's worth it since most plugins now works around 122 MHz.
    - Fixed several bugs in in_psf with some soundtracks: Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Popolocrois, Brave Fencer Musashi, and some others. Most soundtracks should play fine now. If you find a track that does not work please let me know.
    - Fixed a bug in in_vgm (in_gme.prx) when loading a compressed file from a subfolder VGZ.
    - In_psf not properly stopping when changing song.
    - Bug in when reaching the bottom of the playlist.
    - skin file was missing in previous release, sorry.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Default I love this app

    But it still has some bugs.
    Mogplug plugin is a bit slow when playin .IT (ImpulseTracker) and Crash bandicoot 3 minipsf's doen't work.

    Anyway.. I love this thiing, is my favourite app in my MS :thumbup:

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