palmerouy posted this news:

New release of the best Mame emulator ever made by Vilmos. (quote from forums) Alpha means it is mostly untested, very little documentation and it may crash your palm! What's New from version 17?
- Reduced memory usage. The loader can be in ram or SD card. The modules MUST be on SD card.
- Fixed Joust.
- Started to update loader. I haven't finished that yet, but you can enjoy the changes so far.
- Fixed rotation cutting off screen
- Note: Program startup and Searching for ROMS will now just blank the screen for a bit. That's normal and for searching it can feel like a long time, just let it go.
- Added Zodiac hardware acceleration and screen stretching (don't choose scale if you have a Zodiac, it is already on)
- Added more error checking and reporting in loader
- Reduced memory usage of loader
- Fixed some misc loader bugs

Download HERE