Nintendo certainly knows no end on iterating on its franchises. Yet, we can't help but think that WarioWare D.I.Y. will be the last game of the microgame franchise. Don't think of that as a bad thing. Nintendo's Intelligent Systems has truly outdone themselves with D.I.Y., mixing a full-fledged sequel with a creation tool that's, quite frankly, much too comprehensive.

Players that lack the creative drive to make their own levels will still appreciate what D.I.Y. has to offer: More than 90 pre-made games are included on the cartridge, and WarioWare vets will find themselves in rather familiar territory. The seconds-long micro-games stream in quick succession, giving players mere moments to respond to the one-to-three word directives. Progression is reminiscent of previous games in the franchise, with new collections of games unlocking after "boss" rounds.

Of course, what makes D.I.Y. the potential end-all for the WarioWare franchise is the ability to download new user-created levels into the cartridge. Potentially, you'll be able to download an infinite number of games, provided they fit into the cartridge's allocated memory. (You'll be able to keep 90 additional games at one time.) You'll be able to download new levels wirelessly, but there is a caveat: only Nintendo-approved "best submissions" will be available for download freely over a Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, you'll be relegated to trading with friends via a local wireless connection or ... the Nintendo Wi-Fi Friend Code system.Continue reading Impressions: WarioWare D.I.Y.
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