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Thread: VSHExtender 0.1 for 1.50 with custom firmware

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    psp VSHExtender 0.1 for 1.50 with custom firmware

    JasonUK the master of the Legal Devhook UMD Version has released a utility for use with Custom Firmware, heres the readme:

    VSHExtender module for 1.50 by jas0nuk
    Version 0.1
    Partially based on BOOSTER's code but largely rewritten for 1.50 firmware.

    This module adds 'extensions' to your 1.50 VSH/XMB that can be accessed via keypresses.
    It should be used with the Dark_AleX custom firmware or a similar custom firmware that allows you to use external modules.


    - Press HOME + SELECT in the XMB to change the CPU and GPU speeds, steps are 133/66, 222/111, 266/133, and 333/166
    - Press HOME + CIRCLE in the XMB to change the CPU speed to 30MHz and the GPU to 50MHz. This makes the XMB become a little laggy but is fine for playing AT3 music or AVC video as this is hardware decoded
    - Press HOME + L TRIGGER to execute ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/DEVBOOT.PBP - this is yet ANOTHER way of booting DevHook instantly into 2.71 firmware, but now you can do it after startup
    - Press HOME + R TRIGGER to get battery percentage, voltage and temperature information.

    .. is very simple, just add the line

    loadmodule0 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/vshex.prx"

    to your config.txt in ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM.
    Alternatively, if this line is already taken by another module, add it as

    loadmodule1 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/vshex.prx"
    or loadmodule2 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/vshex.prx"
    or loadmodule3 = "ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/vshex.prx"

    Then copy vshex.prx from the SYSTEM folder in the attached archive into your ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM folder
    ( Note: the archive is a little messed up, SYSTEM should be inside PSP, not outside :/ )

    This mod has been tested by me countless times, and works fine with Dark_Alex's custom firmware and it's variants, such as LordSturms' and harleyg's 0.1 and 0.2 custom firmware.

    Please make your feature requests and bug reports here.

    Currently requested features
    - Battery meter - DONE!
    - "AutoUSB" (press a button combo and USB is activated instantly, and a warning is shown on the screen until it is deactivated with the same keys)
    - AIOMod.prx compatibility
    - Customizable button combos
    - Backlight deactivator

    Most of these will make it into 0.2

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    I'm using this for the last day or so, loaded with Dark_Alex's CFW POC, and I just love it!

    The Winds of Change are coming..

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    lol iv had this forlike 3 dayz now and its really handy i luv it cant wait tillthis is released with a new version

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    Quote Originally Posted by tophead420
    cant wait tillthis is released with a new version
    It seems that there will be no new release of this module. jas0nuK is working on another project: 0x89
    Correction: He still workin on it after all

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    I'm now spending my development time on 0x89.
    However I have added a few features to the source and am fixing AIOmod compatibility, so I might release a new version in the next few days.

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