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Thread: Oh Boy, Nintendo DSi XL Is an Ereader Now Too

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    NDS Oh Boy, Nintendo DSi XL Is an Ereader Now Too

    Let's not turn everything with a screen into an ebook reader, pleeeease? The DSi XL is launching in North America on March 28, and Nintendo's putting that gorgeous 256x192 display to use with 100 Classic Books June 14. Dear Christ.

    The 100-book package features works from Shakespeare and Mark Twain and it's 20 bucks. Mercifully, you can adjust the text size, meaning if you want it to be readable, you'll be able to scale it up to something like four words per screen. I'm sorry, but reading on a backlit screen with a resolution of 256x192 spread across 4.2 inches sounds like the quickest way to a migraine ever. Actually, that could be the best excuse for getting out of school ever. "My eyes are bleeding from reading so much!"

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    My original GBA was an "e-reader", this is just some buzz-word ridden hype, I think. I think so long as you could adjust the colour scheme so it's easy on your eyes (and everyone is different with this) then it's really nothing out of the ordinary since like 2002 and Pogoshell.

    What would be extraordinary fail would be if you can't adjust the colour schemes, of both background and text colour. If can't, I'd prefer a GBA and Pogoshell!!!

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    The original DS was an e-reader too. Remember the 100 classic book collection? You could even download additional books via wifi..

    "With a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, you can go online from your DS and download 10 additional books as well as rank your favourite titles"

    They just didn't call it that, because "e-readers" weren't being hyped at the time it was released.

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