This edition of Kotaku Off Topic is definitely not about video games. I mean, there is a Mac at the top of the post, which should make that pretty obvious.
It can, of course, be about anything. But since I just got a new iMac from the FedEx man today it can be about recent purchases. Who knows? You may find a fellow Kotaku commenter out there that shares your interest in really expensive cameras, figures or fine wines. Or you may just find another who's excited to be paying off some student loans.
Or, if you're like me, you just make a big investment in a new computer and some new clothes, like this Mishka Swarm windbreaker that I just picked up recently. Mine's not in this intense red, but a more subtle navy and white that I can find a picture of online.

Go for it. We'll skip tonight's link dump and just head right into the conversation.

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