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Thread: Genesis Plus v0.18 Beta 360 (package GOD)

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    xbox 360 Genesis Plus v0.18 Beta 360 (package GOD)

    News via

    A new version of Genesis Plus 360 was issued by a developer who wishes to remain anonymous.

    As a reminder, this version includes:

    - Graphics / Sounds
    - Success (do not use this function if you connect to live)
    - Support for favorites
    - User Interface Xui
    - Support backup SRAM connected to a user profile
    - Added support for backups (currently 1 per rom)
    - Filters graphics core and improved
    - Filters sound
    - Sound management by thread
    - Support Mode Aspect Ratio / Stretch
    - Previews

    New / fixed:

    - Added support for buttons 6
    - Fixed sound problems
    - Fixed crash when adding bookmark and Roma was no available
    - Added a new skin

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    how do you add roms to the emulator

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