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Sukeban Deka II for the Sega Master System is now in English. If youíve never heard of it (and probably 3 people in the western world have), itís a hybrid digital comic/brawler based on a Japanese movie from the 80ís. I made a couple improvements such as expanding the rom to give room for all the text and increasing your health so that you donít die quickly like in the original version. Thereís no password or save feature, but itís a very short game and can be easily beaten in an hour or so. This is also the first released translation for enigmaopoeia who did a great job on the text considering how corny the source material was.

I also believe this marks the last Sega Master System game that needed to be translated into English. Iíve went over the release lists and canít find anything else that isnít available officially or with a patch!