Recently, wrote up a snippit relating to the Taiwanese manufacturer, Asustek, who are major producers of the Playstation 3. Relating to the leaked reports of completed PS3 units being shipped to Sony, Asustek gave a mighty wag of its finger to the media for leaking such information. The report may damage their clients, they say. But, how would the report of shipping completed units before deadline be damaging? Perhaps other clients were supposed to have projects completed first but Sony got dibs?

Asustek refused to comment on the actual shipping of units. If they did start shipping retail units to Sony, who would want to grab one right now? Not much to do with it... perhaps display it on a shelf, play a Blu-Ray movie or two, or test its endurance. Perhaps Asustek's shipped units are for use at the Tokyo Game Show, since no actual numbers were released, it could have been a handful.