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It 'was released a new revision, the 1369, the Jpcsp, the emulator PSP for PC developed in JAVA homonymous team. I remember that for proper implementation of the program, which allows you to run some homebrew like those found in the archive, you need to install Java on your PC.



Rev1369: StringBuffer to StringBuilder
Rev1368: Turned into a few inner classes static inner classes. Two that are not could be modified Because the IDE can not open the editor of their parent class visiual
Rev1367: Was not removing the interrupt handler, but removing itself from a collection
Rev1366: Implemented LISTLOAD and LISTSAVE SaveData modes. Added missing call to hleKernelExitThread in hleKernelAsyncLoop
Rev1365: Avoid null pointer exception in sceIoCloseAsync.
Rev1364: Avoid null pointer exception in sceIoChangeAsyncPriority
Rev1363: Improved sceMpegAvcDecodeDetail (): return frame width and height.