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Thread: Firmware above 5.00 M33-6 with fewest glitches?must have features?


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    Default Firmware above 5.00 M33-6 with fewest glitches?must have features?

    I have a TA-082 PHAT with 5.00 M33-6 installed. I know GEN D3 has the disadvantage of not having a 1.5 kernel,and there is Eboot Exchange 2.8 to decrypt new games.But is it worth losing the 1.5 kernel? I am concerned about the following criteria:

    1) Has the least instances of crashing,and remains stable throughout most common tasks

    2) Has features that make it worth upgrading

    3) Highest compatibility with older plugins,and homebrew programs
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    I'd say 5.50 Gen D-2.

    D3 has a ****ing huge bug right now where a TON of games have corrupt game saves. Even better is the 'fix' for it just signs it with the broken code so the gamesave won't work on other PSPs anymore that have the PROPER hardware check.

    Additionally, just know that moving to any Gen firmware means a total flash overwrite, so you'll need to re-pair the PSP with the PS3, resetup Flash and WMVs, re-add your theme and re-verify any PSN licenses.

    However that means you miss the 'big' D3 feature which is the auto-patching of higher firmware files, but it doesn't matter since it doesn't handle them all, so you better get used to self-patching.

    This whole scene has gone downhill in the last year.

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    Here's some posts from the same post I made over at
    Hers the thread
    gen-d3 is like m33-6 except like you said no kernel mode and the ability t play every game except 2, gen copied m33 code and made their own cfw so you can safely say gen is an upgraded version of m33.And you can view the psn on gen-d3
    Secret Dragoon
    1.5 Kernel is negligible. Anything worth using has been updated in the past few years since pre-CFW.
    i am still running 5.00 m33-6, on my main PSP
    and have most if not all the game i need running, even a 6.20 game, Lunar, work on 5.00 m33-6

    the really only thing that 5.50 gen-d3 has and m33 doesn't is and auto-decrypt and running under the 5.50k

    i don't see the need to update, just yet
    Well, I dont like the notion of having corrupt game saves, self-patching higher firmwares (I don't know what that is,so an explanation would be appreciated),or re-flashing anything.It does sound like things royally suck a proverbial egg.And I still use old homebrew from years ago that I believe need the kernel add-on.The ones with the two versions of every folder(ie. folder,folder%).Can't I just convert them so that I can play them without the kernal add-on?What is the "auto-decrypt and running under the 5.50k" features that RYU is talking about in my quotes?I could care less about being able to see the PSN.And I just read that now a 20000001 Error comes up when you try and view PSN on the GEN firmwares anyways.
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    It's true that Dark Alex was a genius, with him gone we can't expect perfection.
    I have GEN-D3 on my psp, yes orginaly there was a major problem with it turning data corrupt, but that has been fixed now, and if you want to play homebrew your screwed becaus as far as I can tell most are'nt compatible. But I've been able to get all my emulators working. For you I would keep using 5.00 M33-6. 5.00 Patches are out there for most games. if you need help finding a patched game PM me. or if you want to try any new CFW I'll give you a good link, and if you decide you don't like it, you can always flash it back.

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