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Thread: Is this possible?

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    Default Is this possible?

    I dont know if this game has been talked about before being ported, I did a search, only came up for different systems.

    I was thinking about a port of Abuse 2 for the Dreamcast. I had posted in other forums for a handheld pda called teh Tapwave Zodiac, but I guess the person responsible for doing so has put it on hold.

    Anyways, imma basically copy and paste my post from the other website here.

    A link to my post at tapland.

    Here it is

    Abuse is a 2-D sidescrolling shooter which equals out to great fun. Abuse was released around 1994 but a group of programmers have made a re-make and it is freeware. Their is also an Abuse 2.

    Here is the link to the original Abuse *freeware version*

    Here is the link to the updated Abuse 2

    Back to my question, is it possible to port/emulate/remake this for the Zodiac? If source code is needed, I am sure it will be given to whoever needs them to make this possible, since I think this was done as a final project from a couple of students in a university.

    Also they include level editors, which is pretty cool to play around with.

    Here is the e-mail of Justin Cassidy, the person who founded the project.

    AND here is another website.......hehe.....i think this website has the source code......this is pretty funny....i was copying and pasting the link and I just noticed that the source code is available!

    Here is the link to the site

    *click enter here and after that the source code button is right by the "picture" button if you are having trouble finding it.

    Wow.....i kind've just answered the question about source it possible?

    I reccomend you guys download the game(s) even if it isn't possible, their are a great way to pass the time Very Happy


    Abuse Source Link:

    scroll down for ABUSESRC.ZIP

    Another link taht was given to me, might be useful.

    I suggest you guys look through my post, a lot of information is their that I probably forgot to put here because im in a hurry right now

    Thank you for looking at my thread.

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    Sound very good. Abuse looks great! Plus it's SDL so it could be portable.

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    Yes, its possible!

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    I wonder if anyone is up to the challenge of porting it the the dreamcast

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    I wish

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    yeah me too.

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