Quite some time ago, Suda 51 announced he was developing an exclusive game for the Wii. As the rather insane mastermind behind the bizarre Killer 7, this was caused a noticeable stir...yet, at E3 2006, nothing was shown.

Flash forward to today, where rival fellow Wii-centric news site The Wiire managed to hack obtain the official trailer for the game, slated to be shown at E3 by cancelled at the last minute. Though they promise to put up a higher resolution version in the near future, the three and a half minute trailer shows some good stuff.

Cel-shaded in a style similar to Killer 7, Heroes seems to share the assassination themes of its forebear. A man named "Travis Touchdown" uses a lightsaber to kill "Helter Skelter" and...well, maybe you should just take a peek yourselves. It's pretty insane.

Seriously, props to The Wiire for obtaining and hosting this video; we would have all our readers head over to their site to check it out. This is exciting, exciting stuff, and Heroes promises to be a HUGE game for the Wii. It's being developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer, and is tentatively scheduled for release in the summer of 2007.