Learning to play the piano has lingered on my to-do list for a long time. But watching this video of the Clavilux 2000 keyboard generating a spectacular light show in real time, I might have to make it a priority.
The Clavilux is a digital keyboard rigged up to a projector, letting the audience see the music they're hearing. And it really is the music they're seeing: each stripe of light corresponds directly to a key that is struck, the individual bands representing the velocity and length of each note played.
The notes are assigned colors, as well, giving a visual overview of the harmony of the piece. Play a note that's out of key and its color will contrast with the bigger picture.

The player can switch between two types of visualization. A 2D view results in the colorful barcode seen above while a 3D view resembles the $#@!pit view of some spaceship jumping into hyperdrive.
The Clavilux 2000 is the brainchild of Jonas Heuer, the same guy who put together the Noteput, an awesome interactive musical table. Music has always been a joy to listen to, but Heuer's work lets the other senses get in on the action, to spectacular effect. [Infosthetics]

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