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Thread: Digital Foundry: 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII 'adequate but a touch disappointin

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    xbox 360 Digital Foundry: 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII 'adequate but a touch disappointin

    So, you read our review of Final Fantasy XIII and are prepared to pick it up next week, but you're not sure which version to buy? If you're basing your decision on graphical fidelity, the A/V experts from Eurogamer's Digital Foundry suggest you go with the PS3 version of the game -- as seen in their quartet of video comparisons, the 360 version suffered a bit of resolution reduction during its trip between platforms.

    No, the difference in quality isn't groundbreaking or anything. We just wanted you to know all the factors before making a decision. Both versions have their strengths and weaknesses -- for instance, the 360 version requires you to change the disc two times, but the PS3 version of the game is unplayable once every 1,461 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraggster View Post
    but the PS3 version of the game is unplayable once every 1,461 days.

    I guess that PSN crass did live a mark to remember!
    I had no problem during that time. All I had to do is play my PS2 games during that day.
    Anyway it's good to hear that for once the PS3 port is the superior one.


    Developers are making a big mistake.
    If the game is developed on the PS3, then it can easily be ported to the X360. The only possible casualties in quality may rise when the game takes to much space (which is rare) or it takes full advantage of the PS3 (which is rarer).

    However most developers prefer to develop the game on the X360. Development is easier, but when it comes translation, it's much harder, and the PS3 almost always suffer.

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