Capcom has another shot of Mega Man for PlayStation 3 and PSP owners in Japan. Next month, the Complete Works version of Mega Man 3 will join the list of PsOne Classics.

Features in this edition of Mega Man 3 include a revamped menus, in-game tips from Protoman, hard mode, a boss rush, and a collection of illustrations.

You can get Mega Man 3 from Japanís PlayStation Store sometime in April or, if youíre really lucky, win it by purchasing Mega Man 10. Fifty people that buy Mega Man 10 from PSN between March 9 and 23 will win a digital download of Mega Man 3. Unfortunately, this promotion is only for Japan, or perhaps those with Japan region PSN accounts.

Mega Man 10 makes its debut in Japan this week on WiiWare and PlayStation Network.