Recently we saw the first iPad ad, but in it we didn't see some of the default apps found on the iPhone. Why aren't the Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos apps on the iPad? Here's a possible explanation.
According to Daring Fireball, it boils down to design and Steve Jobs' perfectionism:
Ends up that just blowing up iPhone apps to fill the iPad screen looks and feels weird, even if you use higher-resolution graphics so that nothing looks pixelated. So they were scrapped by you-know-who. Perhaps they'll appear on the iPad in some re-imagined form this summer with OS 4.0, but when the iPad ships next month, there won't be versions of these apps. At least that's the story I've heard from a few well-informed little birdies.
Part of me hopes those little birdies are wrong. I'm far too attached to the Clock and Calculator apps and would dread having to find alternatives in the App Store. [Daring Fireball]

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