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Thread: Sony’s PS3 to Win Current Games Console Battle

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    ps3 Sony’s PS3 to Win Current Games Console Battle

    As promised, a quick preview of our games console forecast which will be published early next week. No surprise that Nintendo’s Wii stands in the lead at the moment, within the current generation of systems, in terms of global installed base. We estimate that there will be nearly 76 million Wiis in use worldwide by the end of 2010.

    But the signs are that the Wii has peaked in terms of console sales, and its installed base will begin to decline after 2011. Meanwhile, Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will continue to grow, so that the PS3 will become the largest platform globally by 2013. In terms of $#@!ulative lifetime sales we expect the PS3 to hit 127 million units, compared to 103 million Wiis.

    These estimates are derived from our core forecast scenario, but we have developed various scenarios for each platform. Uncertainties clearly surround each of the major platforms, particularly relating to the new services and upgrades planned by Sony and Microsoft. Natal on the Xbox could be more beneficial to 360 sales than expected, and Sony’s own motion controller, together with its plans to upgrade all PS3s to 3D capabilitiy, also represent potential for upside to our core forecasts.

    This year’s global market for consoles is likely to fall again, after a 6% decline last year. For 2010 we are predicting global console sales of 47.5 million, a 9% decline.The Wii will account for most of that decline: sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 are predicted to increase.

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    "so that the PS3 will become the largest platform globally by 2013" lol come on guys, it is a bit early for April fool jokes xD.. but I had a good laugh at that so thanks ha ha. It just woulda been better if they held off a month... although I guess then we'd see it coming...

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    Here is what will happen:

    Microsoft will suddenly discontinue the 360, and rapidly launch Xbox 720.

    Nintendo will launch a new console about a year later, have a completely awesome Mario or Zelda as a launch title, and sell a bajillion units in spite of everyone complaining about mediocre hardware, 'kids games', and nothing else worthwhile to play on it.

    Sony will issue a new console sometime later, for an exorbitant cost, while cutting the price of PS3 in half or so and continue supporting it for several more years.

    Everyone will buy a then-cheap PS3, and buy games from the back-catalog. So yeah, PS3 will "win" this generation, but not until a year or two into the next.

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    As soon as the Ps3 gets hacked it'll start flying out the shops but right now there's no difference between most 360 and Ps3 games and 360 has more new and used games to choose from, so exactly what planet is Sony living on if they think they gonna outdo M$.

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