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Thread: The Force is strong Wii this one? (Dream Lightsaber Game Coming to Wiii)

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    Rev The Force is strong Wii this one? (Dream Lightsaber Game Coming to Wiii)

    Star Wars. Or how to kill nostalgia dead in three easy steps. Still, without dwelling on that particular bitter pill too much, fans of George Lucas' opus (hello? are you still there?) should be thrilled to hear that LucasArts has dropped a few more hints suggesting that a (much-rumoured) lightsaber game might well be on its way to Nintendo's Wii after all.

    Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego and reported on IGN, LucasArts' rep Steve Sansweet confirmed that the company has plans to bring games to all-three next-gen platforms, including the Wii, in response to a question posed by a member of the audience.

    More intriguingly though, Sansweet referenced the fact that (as has already been noted the internet over) Nintendo's motion-sensoring Wiimote bears an uncanny resemblance to Star Wars' iconic lightsaber. Whether this means every budding Jedi will finally get the game of their dreams is anyone's guess - but with such comparisons coming straight out the gob of an official LucasArts rep, it's looking increasingly likely.

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    yesssssssssssssss!!!!! imagine the possibilities. real lightsaber fights with friends across the world!

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