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Thread: PlayStation Move unveiled

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    ps3 PlayStation Move unveiled

    Via Eurogamer

    Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 motion controller is officially to be called PlayStation Move.

    Exact pricing and bundling information will follow soon, but in the meantime we've been told that the Move controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a starter disc with game demos will be bundled for under $100 this autumn.

    Other deals will include a standalone controller for people who already have PS Eye; a full console pack, which includes PS3, DualShock 3, Move and PS Eye; and a range of game-and-controller bundles.

    Check out our PlayStation Move photo gallery to see what it looks like these days.

    The main controller features a three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor. It weighs 145g and is 200mm x 46mm.

    It has a colour-changing sphere, which is tracked by the PlayStation Eye camera, supports rumble, and has action buttons and an analogue trigger.

    Sony will also release a smaller PlayStation Move "sub-controller", which is a one-handed device with a "sleek curved design that pairs with the motion controller", and which has its own analogue stick and directional buttons.

    The sub-controller weighs a mere 95g and is 138mm x 42mm. (You can tell we scrolled the whole way down the press release on this one.) It will be possible to play through the whole of SOCOM 4 using a Move-and-sub-controller combination.

    Like the Sixaxis and DualShock 3, the controllers have built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and sync with PS3 via Bluetooth.

    Sony said it will back the launch with "more than 20" games that either use or support Move by the end of its fiscal year on 31st March 2011.

    Several of the games were shown off on-stage during Sony's GDC conference keynote.

    Sony's GDC press kit includes screenshots of a number of games with Move support.

    * Brunswick Pro Bowling
    * Motion Fighter (working title)
    * Move Party (working title)
    * Sliders (working title)
    * Sports Champions
    * TV SuperStars

    Sony also revealed that 36 developers and publishers are supporting Move, although its list does include Tecmo and Koei separately.

    It also has Sony Online Entertainment on it, which is surely a given. "Hi Kaz, it's Kaz, will you support Move?" "Hi Kaz! I'd love to! Sincerely, Kaz."

    The full list of supporting companies follows.

    * 505 Games
    * Activision
    * AQ Interactive
    * Arc Systems Work
    * Atlus
    * Bigben Interactive
    * Capcom
    * CCP
    * Crave Entertainment
    * Cyberfront
    * Disney
    * Electronic Arts
    * FromSoftware
    * Game Republic
    * Gust
    * Hudson Soft
    * Irem Software
    * Koei
    * Konami
    * Majesco
    * Marvelous Entertainment
    * Namco Bandai
    * Ongakukan
    * Oxygen Games
    * Paon Corporation
    * Q Entertainment
    * Q-Games
    * SEGA
    * Sony Online Entertainment
    * Spike
    * Square Enix
    * Tecmo
    * THQ
    * Ubisoft
    * Warner Bros.
    * Zoo Entertainment

    So what do you think, Wii knock off or a new revolution in gaming?

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    Me want Dead Space Extraction, Resident Evil Chronicles, Silent Hill shattered memories, and Calling!

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    $100 for basically a Wiimote and webcam, i would say they just keeping prices high to take advantage of early sales but knowing Sony's history this is the price you'll be paying for a long time after release because Sony thinks themself as this premium brand, they just never seem to learn from their mistakes do they.

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    i hope that FROM gives us a demon's souls-like game and atlus create P5!

    @symbal: are you talking about ps3's price?

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    Ps3 and Psp Go and Psn digital content prices, so basically everything.

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    The PS3 already has motion, so I don't think that SONY are trying to take a stance on the Wii... For instance, Super Rub a Dub with the tilted controls (in the store since Feb 2007).

    It's the second and possibly final update to the PS3 controller, just like the two updates (analogue/DualShock) to the original controller that became the standard for the PS2 (which received no updates apart from being called the DualShock2). The PS3 has seen the SixAxis updated to a DualShock3 and soon to be Move, which I hope will also become the standard for the PS3 and the next console, except for the "sub-controller" thing that already sounds like a NunChuck.

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