The Internet rumour mill hit overdrive today when Japanese retailers reportedly suggested that the Nintendo DS, which isn't even a definite name for the new handheld, is due to launch on November 4 in Japan and November 11 in America.[br]According to these highly unconfirmed sources, the console will be priced at 19,000 Yen and $179.95 respectively, which roughly converts to 100 of your UK pounds.[br][br]Also speculated in the reports was news of a very modest five to six title launch line-up, which wouldn't exactly overwhelm first buyers with choice. It's said there will be a further five games on the shelves before Christmas.[br][br]Although Nintendo has confirmed nothing at this stage, it has always been strongly believed that the company would launch the DS in Japan before the end of the year, with an American release not too far behind. [br][br]News of a European launch date, however, remains as sketchy as ever, with a Nintendo spokesperson delivering the customary "we do not comment on Internet rumours" response when contacted earlier today.[br][br]Put it this way, if the Nintendo DS arrives in this country before Christmas, we'll eat our GBA SPs - and they don't taste very nice.