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Thread: Press release decoder says Wii to launch October 2

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    Rev Press release decoder says Wii to launch October 2

    In a portable games press release out today, Nintendo beckoned the blogosphere to bite the following speculation: "Perhaps the secret to the launch information for Wii is somehow encoded in the text of this news item." The bait has been taken. Gaming Target writes:

    The fourth quarter begins on October 1. Now look at the list. At least one game is released every Monday in the fourth quarter except for the following dates: October 2, November 20 and November 27. November 27 is after Black Friday, so it's out. November 20 is after the launch of the PS3, so that's out too. That leaves us with October 2. The Wii will launch on October 2.
    We like their sound decoding work but heaven forbid the company decides to release the console on the same day as another platform game.

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    well, we all know its coming out before the PS3. so its good enough for me to know that its coming out in early October

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    Haha I find this whole code thing to be a bit of a joke. IMO (and from what the article says) it seems clearly to be a joke on Nintendos part. The fact that so many fans took them up on the challenge seems only to show many peoples stupidity.

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