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Iím excited to announce a new version of Wagic today, version 0.11.1. We added so many new cards in this version that the numbers donít make much sense anymore, so you will see that the main menu displays now 2 numbers: the number of cards, and the number of unique cards. Wagic 0.10 had roughly 5100 cards (4000 unique), and Wagic 0.11 ships with around 30 new sets for a total of more than 9300 cards (more than 4700 unique). So if we donít count reprints, thatís more than 700 new cards for you to play with!

Many thanks go to the team of developers, who are the soul of this project, and to the people who helped during our alpha and beta tests.

What is Wagic?

Wagic is an heroic fantasy card game (currently available for the Sony PSP, Windows, and Linux) in which you fight as a sorcerer with your creatures and spells. As you win epic battles against the CPU, you earn credits that allow you to improve your army, unlock new cards and other game modes. Wagic is open source, community driven, and extremely customizable. It is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French.

Wagic is entirely fan-made, but is frequently compared to commercial games for its replay value and its graphics.

Whatís new?
I wish I could summarize this release in a few words, but the truth is, this is once again a release packed with incredible new features. An amazing amount of new cards of course (who said ďas usualĒ?), but also cool improvement such as the card filter, which (finally) allows you to tweak your shop experience, and browse your collection much more easily than before. Windows and Linux users will also love the new ďkey bindingsĒ feature to be able to setup the keys of the game to their liking. This will also be useful for PSP players who want to switch their circle and cross buttons. Hereís a more complete changelog:

More than 4000 new cards, of which 700 are unique. Wagic now has around 9400 cards (more than 4700 unique). Thanks to the card coders, especially Dr. Solomat!
New cards database system, which allows to code more cards faster and reduce the number of duplicate bugs (thanks Psyringe)
Filter system in the Shop and in the Deck Editor allow you to efficiently buy new cards and search your collection (thanks Jeck)
Key bindings to customize your keys (thanks Jean)
Simplified translation mechanism for cards
Shop improvements (Mixed boosters, price changes,improved booster flexibility)
New parser keywords: cantBeBlockedBy, power/toughness qualifiers for targets
New tasks in the tasks menu
Internal changes to fix compilation issues on linux 64bits and Mac. Wagic should now compile for these platforms with little work
Added support for HQ pictures on PC platforms