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Thread: Nintendo DS Browser Review

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    NDS Nintendo DS Browser Review

    Joshua Zimmerman has posted a review of
    Nintendos New DS Browser, heres an excerpt:

    The game come in two parts. A regular DS game cartridge and a GBA game cartridge. Because of the size difference between the DS and the DS Lite, Nintendo has put out two separate boxes for this game with two separate sized GBA packs. As you can see my DS Lite GBA pack is clear and funky looking. I guess your meant to keep the GBA pack in at all times. Whatever Nintendo.

    The Opera browser asks you a bunch of question the first time you put it in, most of which I didn't understand because I suck at Japanese. If you already have configured wireless spots on your DS the game will see these settings and try to connect to one of these spots. If not, configuration is quite easy.

    Heres the conclusion:

    So overall the browser works. You can view webpage and do e-mail, though the lack of flash, sounds, and Messager services combined with its horrible slowness makes the browser a real disapointment. For 4,000 its not really worth it unless you're going to be around a lot of wi-fi spots and don't have a computer near you.

    View the whole review HERE

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    yea I watched some videos of it working on youtube, didn't look half as good as the trailer made it look. Not worth my $60

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    i think i'll stick to the psp's FREE browser that includes FLASH (thank you devhook)

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