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Thread: Team Xecuter XFRAG 360 Launched

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    xbox 360 Team Xecuter XFRAG 360 Launched

    Team Xecuter has launched its new XFRAG 360 product, which allows you to use a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 360. Team Xecuter claims to have fine tuned every aspect of quality and performance and giving it to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank. As a reminder, this is not the same product that we have reviewed in the past. The idea and purpose is the same but the manufacturers are different even though the names may look the same at a quick glance.

    Below is a full product announcement...

    The Xecuter XFRAG 360 is the ultimate accessory for the hardcore gamer who craves the accuracy and freedom of using their beloved keyboard and mouse on an Xbox 360. We have looked at other products on the market and taken it to the next level by looking at gamers wish lists and then fine tuning every aspect of quality and performance and giving it to you at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

    This device is not meant for the average gamer who likes to take pot shots at tin cans, this is for the gamer who loves to frag the living hell out of anything that moves – whether it be Call Of Duty, Gears of War, Rainbow Six or Halo – you will simply OWN anything that crosses your path. For the discerning Playstation addict – you can even connect a PS2 DualShock2 controller to your Xbox 360 (though why anybody would prefer the PS2 controller over the soul-soothing goodness that is a 360 controller is beyond us) – we’ve added it anyway !

    We have struck a deal that will see this distributed in several global high street retail chains so you can be sure to be able to get your hands on one of these for only $69.95 ! (Similar products sell for upto $100)

    • Connect a PS/2 or USB keyboard & Mouse to the Xbox 360
    • Connect a Playstation DualShock2 controller to the Xbox 360
    • All Xbox 360 buttons including analogue can be mapped to any keys on the keyboard
    • Rapid Fire and Auto Fire Function (8 Customizable Buttons)
    • Adjustable X&Y Mouse Sensitivity
    • Compatible with most PS/2 or USB Keyboard & Mouse combination’s
    • Compatible with all Xbox 360 Games
    • Compatible with all Xbox 360 Console Versions
    • Compatible with both CL & the new Matrix Xbox 360 Wired Controllers
    • Connect any PS2 peripheral including Guitars, Dance mats, Light Guns, Racing Wheels etc
    • Trusted Xecuter Design & Quality
    You can pick this up at Divineo and Console Source. We hope to get our hands on one to bring you a full review.

    Source: Team-Xecuter
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