via Eurogamer

Q-Games's new PixelJunk Racers content, dubbed 2nd Lap, will be released in April.

It will be a separate download available to owners of the original game for "a very small amount" - probably dollar or two, according to Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert (talking to GiantBomb). New players will need to pay the full, unknown price.

2nd Lap adds Trophies, YouTube video support and lowers the overall difficulty for a more "approachable" experience.

The biggest new feature is Ghost Attack mode, which automatically records a ghost to go with a time. These can be shared with friends and posted to the worldwide rankings board, where anybody can drive against them.

Q-Games' idea for 2nd Lap was to bring PixelJunk Racers up to parity with newer games like PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Shooter, which are both worth a look.