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Thread: Sony launches ideas submission blog

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    ps3 Sony launches ideas submission blog

    Sony has launched a new section of PlayStation.Blog where users can submit new ideas and feature suggestions for PlayStation products.

    PlayStation.Blog Share allows users to post their own ideas and also vote on the suggestions of others, with Sony promising to monitor and act upon the most popular.

    The FAQ for the site claimed that Sony is looking for "any idea that will help make the PlayStation experience better. Period. Game title ideas. PS3 ideas. PlayStation Home ideas. Hey, maybe even PlayStation.Blog ideas!"

    Currently the most popular three suggestions are cross game voice chat, software emulation for PlayStation 2 games and auto-synching of Trophies.

    Users will initially be restricted to one submission per day, in order to ensure a variety of submissions, but the most popular authors will be placed in an online leaderboard.

    At the same time as the new service was announced site administrators have warned of a "crack down on Blog comments", with moderation for off-topic comments becoming "much more strict".

    The site is currently only featured on the US version of PlayStation.Blog but any user with a valid PSN ID is allowed to post. Region-specific versions of the service are currently under consideration.

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    Can anyone post the link to that It looks like the site aboves require registration to view all information...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justise View Post
    Can anyone post the link to that It looks like the site aboves require registration to view all information...

    btw are you from greece too?

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    Well Sony's business strategies for Ps3 and Psp have been at best above average and at worst Psp go, so lets just hope this isn't just some publicity stunt and they actually listen to some common sense ideas because i'd like to see Sony get back the form it had with Ps1&2 and not this standing joke where everything they do is expected to fail.

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