Well, if we were a patient suffering from some hideous, incurable disease, the last thing we'd want is some rookie doc fumbling around our insides with a giant nunchuk controller. But if you play the Wii's Trauma Center: Second Opinion, that won't be far from the deal. Thankfully though, you'll be the doc...

The game - technically a 'remake' of the acclaimed DS surgery sim - was announced back in May, but it's only now that details are leaking, courtesy of Famitsu. You'll be catapulted into the year 2018, starring as young surgery upstart Kousuke Tsukimori in a bid to save humanity against the fatal disease Guilth, which is apparently even worse than man or bird flu. (Shock!).

As we say, the game is more a Wii-only remake of the DS version rather than a bona-fide sequel. You'll reportedly get far more action-oriented gameplay, with the Wii 'nunchuk' enabling you to perform precision cuts. There will eight tools for you to 'muck' around with, with various actions, such as dabbing and using tweezers, beefing up the gameplay.

There will also be new surgical procedures, including heart ops and broken bones, nurses yelling instructions and three difficulty levels to challenge your surgical credentials.

Finally, the overall presentation is being upped a notch too, with more adult character designs and voices contributed by famous Japanese actors. Overall, it should rumble the pants of all video gaming Casualty/Holby City addicts out there. It's currently slated for a release in Japan later this year.