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Thread: Killzone 3 confirmed

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    ps3 Killzone 3 confirmed

    via Computer and Video Games

    Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony America, has confirmed that Killzone 3 is on the way.

    Quizzed by Game Trailers as part of its GDC Move coverage, Tretton confirmed that Killzone 3 was coming, but wouldn't commit to an announcement at this year's E3.

    "Well, we own Guerrilla Games and they did a great job on Killzone 1 and 2," said Tretton.

    "I don't know if you'll see announcements about it, but I can promise you a Killzone 3."
    However Tretton did say that PlayStation fans would have plenty to occupy their attention during this year's Electronic Entertainment expo.

    "This is just the frosting on the cake, I'm saving the batter for E3. We will absolutely bring the heat, there's a lot to talk about."
    Earlier this month, sources told CVG that Killzone 3 will feature stereoscopic 3D and make use of PlayStation Move.

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    I havent even touch my KZ2 since last year. Just played 5 min & blah collecting dust.

    But do bring Resistance 3, s0nny!

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    I love killzone..

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