Ian Michael has updated his Jackal port which is a Single Game Arcade Emulator for the Dreamcast,heres what he says:[br][br] After Blades of steel SGA and how people loved the new style JACKAL SE had to be updated to match the new style. We have 8 channel stereo Jingle for the parody intro 8 channel Stereo Voice over with a remix jingle I wrote and programed. Muilt function selection, 4 function menu. So the A button when pointing to the selection of either arcade or nes will show Info on that selection. It's anmated and will fill the screen in between Selecting these choices Arcade SGA is very close to being perfect NES Is using nester DC so is near perfect. Both games play on both emulators as good as you could expect with a big touch of style and presentation. Expect more updates and release.. [br][br]Download this release at the JackalSE Page