Analyst Michael Pachter has said he believes that PC gaming is in decline and he places the blame squarely on improved capabilities of consoles, which he says can outmatch most PCs.

"The PC Market if you think about it as packaged products sold - not subscriptions like World of Warcraft - it's only like 6 or 7 per cent of total game sales," he stated during his Pach-Attack segment on GameTrailers. "It's becoming a declining industry because you can get a near PC experience on a console."

He continued: "The PS3 is a pretty powerful box, and it is probably more powerful than 90 per cent of PC's out there. The 360 is probably more powerful than 85 per cent of PC's out there."

Pachter went onto comment that consoles were the best place for developers and publish to make games for, saying they had the largest audience

"You say 'no no there's a billion PCs out there' but there aren't a billion PC gamers. PC game sales tell you that that number is a very small number."

I'm not sure it's fair to discount MMOs when talking about PC Gaming, but what do you think about the state of PC gaming?