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Thread: Big PSP surprises coming this year - Sony

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    psp Big PSP surprises coming this year - Sony

    Sony's director of hardware marketing John Koller says there are multiple key PSP titles coming out this year that are yet to be announced.

    Speaking of the five-year anniversary of PSP today, Koller said: "As we move further into 2010, the innovation and technological prowess of the PSP system continues to be evident."

    He added: "We have a plethora of exciting new games, some of which have yet to be announced, coming later this year that will continue to deliver the same unparalleled gaming experiences that you know and love."

    This mirrors earlier statements from SCEA's Rob Dyer, who teased "big, big titles coming this year" for PSP from third party developers. Expect it all to go down at E3 in June.

    PSP released in the US on March 24, 2005 (yes, it really has been that long) and has sold 17 million units in that territory to date.

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    The PSP seems like a dated piece of equipment now.
    They need to make it touchscreen, and dual analog. Then I might buy a PSP2 (with the PSP Go slide out pad), but I wish to be able to use my 32GB Memory Stick Pro Duo with it as well along with an internal HD.

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    dated or not
    with all the homebrew options the PSP has, its still holding strong

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    So they mean

    monster hunter portable 3
    and metal gear solid peace walker

    is there something else which I forgot ?
    oh FF 13 right...

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    I'm thinking the PSP will suffer the same fate as the Dreamcast. It will be overrun by a massive handheld sometime in the future, and will only be good for it's homebrew options. Not saying the Dreamcast didn't have great games (it did), but obviously those didn't work out for it.

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