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The developer continues jas0nuk PRXdecrypter development, application, now in version 2.4b, can extract and decrypt PRX modules present in all official updates, custom firmware, games and even demos. This update introduces additional key to decrypt the file by pops_04g.prx 6.xx firmware and fixes some bugs of previous release.
Following the full changelog and download link.

Changelog v2.4b:


- Fixed a bug in decrypt an old key tag 0x4C940AF0
- Added key to decrypt the file by pops_04g.prx Firmware 6.xx
- More information on failure during encryption of the various files.
- The key tags 0x2E5E10F0 may not work for a new encryption method
- Added a new key for the file EBOOT.bin, tags 0x2E5E12F0