News/release from Coris


I've been inspired luca00555's "save fix" program, and I decided to modify it a little bit.
Here is a third version of my program that fix problem with corrupted save and some old games. I added support for GEN-C and option that restore original 5.50GEN-D3 and 5.03GEN-C files.

How to use it?

- Copy psp folder from archive on your memory stick
- lunch "fix v3"
- wait a few second
- now your GEN is fixed and you can play old games and use your save that didn't work well on 5.50GEN D3 / 5.03 Gen-C

!! After this fix, the new games that required 5.50GEN D3 or 5.03GEN-C will not work anymore !!

How to undo the changes made by this program?

- run the "fix v3" again
- wait few seconds
- now you have oryginal 5.50GEN3/5.03 GEN-C with all it's problems