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Thread: Xecuter xDrive BLACK SD kit for Xbox 360

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    xbox 360 Xecuter xDrive BLACK SD kit for Xbox 360

    New from Divineo USA

    This is an add-on kit that gives your Xbox 360 the ability to have a switchable external DVD drive.
    Using the same technology as used on the new Blaster CK3, the xDrive gives you the freedom to utilize a second DVD drive without having to open up your Xbox 360 ever again.

    If you want not to risk of MS bann due to modyfied DVD, this kit is 100% safe sollution! You can use ixtreme fw on one drive and stock on the other. Only one DVD drive is used at time, you can switch betwean the internal and external DVD (you must power down/restart your XB360).

    You may want a second drive to perform backups of your valuable Xbox 360 games using the new 0800 firmware which is proven to be more reliable than the Kreon DVD drive rips; you may want to keep your internal drive as stock and untouched and have your external unit freely available to do with as you please; you may want to increase the longevity of your internal DVD drive there are many reasons for you to benefit from the Xecuter xDrive.

    You do not need own Blaster 360 or unlock kit if you use this xDrive kit.

    NOTE: The DVD drive is not included the xDrive supports ALL models of DVD drives. You will need to flash the new DVD to transfer your DVD key to it.

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