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Thread: Iedge card help

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    Exclamation Iedge card help


    I'm a bit of noob at the NDS homebrew scene but I've got an iedge card and in the insturctions I need this to get the card running;

    For this version of the bootstrap updater, the required ROM file is
    "Puzzle Series Vol.3 - Sudoku":

    Common filename: 0363 - Puzzle Series Vol.3 - Sudoku.nds
    MD-5 Checksum: 28BF2CE16074264786F57303D0FD9F65
    SHA-1 Checksum: DA6266384EDB73EC39ACD37BAD433AF664794228
    For a start I have no idea what the the MD-5 or SHA-1 is and I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to the rom I need to get my edge card going.

    I apologise if I posted this in the wrong forum/section and thanks for all your help in advance!
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    cheers for your help th3blaze, can I ask when I put games on it do I need to create any specific folders or is it just drag and drop?

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    oh I think I've been f'd in the A, does anyone know if the iedge cards sold here are the real deal?

    I'm hoping so as I've bloody placed my order now

    they've said they're going to refund it, that's what I say customer service!
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