The December 1991 issue of Nintendo Power was recently unearthed, revealing eerie similarities between lil' Jimmy Peterford's "ultimate game system" fantasy and Nintendo's forthcoming Wii. As it turns out, Peterford nailed the Super Mario Galaxy name and likely came within a few dollars of the actual Wii launch price with the $259.95 figure he offered up. But the connection between Peterford's seemingly innocent wish and Wii doesn't end there...

Digg commenter, EvolvedAnt, draws these additional parallels:

Peterford's prediction: "My fantasy game system would be a complex 512-bit system."
Wii: "...comes with 512 MB built-in flash memory."

Peterford: "It could display 27,876,992 colors at one time..."
Wii: "...can display 16.7 million colors."

Peterford: "...could play any game from any video game system that ever was..."
Wii: "Virtual Console."

Peterford: "There would be a miniature band inside that knew how to play any song!"
Wii: "Nintendo E3 2006 press conference started with a [virtual] band playing music that plays based off of the Wiimote." ['Wii Orchestra' tech demo]

Peterford: "You could even buy your own special chip that would allow you to make your own games for it!"
Wii: "Quote from 'It also will be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets.'"

Peterford: "The system would come with six 27-button controllers..."
Wii: "If you count every button on the Wiimote, as well as Nunchuk, and include each axis of sensitivity for rotation, x, y, z as well as lateral movement sensitivity, as a separate method of input, you get a number very close to 27 if not on the dot."

Okay, so some of those parallels are a stretch, but heck, Nostradamus wasn't all that accurate either. Of course, the other explanation is that Nintendo stole the Wii concept from some kid out of Glen Cove, New York nearly 15 years ago. Alas, we'll never know...