Heres a rumour, true or not its interesting:

Just got word of an interesting (and totally unconfirmed) rumor from one of our insiders. It seems that Nintendo is giving Wii development kits to smaller studios. A developer in a big coastal American city apparently received a mysterious package from Nintendo. Office staff, programmers, and even the president weren't aware what was inside. The box was opened, and viola, Wii dev kit. This could be a ploy on Nintendo's part to get as many companies working on Wii games as possible. If this is true, it certainly shows Nintendo has improved its stance towards third party studios, as opposed to the iron-fisted days of yore. As I mentioned, this is totally unconfirmed, could've been some mix-up or miscommunication on the developer's end, but it does come from a good source. Do what you will with this tidbit.