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Thread: Harry Potter visitor attraction opening in 2012

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    Forum Harry Potter visitor attraction opening in 2012

    It was a few weeks ago when we reported that plans were underway to turn Leavesden Studios - the huge complex where all eight Harry Potter films have been shot - into a full on studio and keep a permanent Harry Potter area for fans who'd like to see the real sets.

    The Watford Observer is reporting this evening that those plans have now been approved and finalized:

    Warner Brothers, which has brought world-wide fame to the former aerodrome complex with its Harry Potter franchise, can now begin a programme of redevelopment worth an estimated 100 million pounds creating hundreds of jobs and providing a boost to the local economy.

    The company, which will now purchase the site outright and use it as its European filming base, will build new film stages, production and administration facilities.

    It will also open a Harry Potter themed visitor attraction to cater for up to 5,000 visitors a day.

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    All eight? 2012?

    Supposedly, that means all the films have been finished and sitting the editing process... Meaning they will be finding ways to keep the money rolling in, which they should really give us an entire Harry Potter themed theme park with big movie screens where we can watch all the movies (since the big screen is better).

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