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Eight months separating this release from the first version of Media Player Engine DedDinO_94 user of our forum, which today publishes a new update for the program. This HB, as the name suggests, is an audio player built in Lua with a graphical interface based on the known Windows Media Player for years on every operating system Microsoft weblog, supports MP3, ATRAC (. AA3) and OGG and includes a convenient function to access the contents of the Memory Stick without returning to the XMB.
In v2, in addition to adding that feature, we find an improvement in the integrated file browser, and some code optimizations.
To follow are in full changelog, some notes on the commands to use, screenshots and the link to download.



- Added USB menu
- Improved File Browser
- Now the Root File Browser is: ms0: / MUSIC / (If by any chance there will be used Root)
- Much improved loading menu
- Now uses a single file for settings
- Now the HB has only one Script
- Now if the folder is not found in HB directory: ms0: / PSP / GAME / HB will return an error message.
- Code optimized

- L / R scrolling menus
- Up / Down Scroll through the files in the File Browser
- Left / Right skim file in File Browser
- START Update the list of files in Section Player

- X: Pause / Play
- Square: Mute ON / OFF Mute
- / \: Enable / Disable Sleep Mode
- O: Stop Player
- L: Previous Song
- A: Next Song
- Start: Enable the following modes: Normal, Repeat, Random
- Select: Turn off screen
- Hold: Turn off screen and locks the keys