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Thread: "sfix.sfx not found" neogeo error message

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    Default "sfix.sfx not found" neogeo error message

    Trying to run neogeo emu. I was able to solve the cache zip and the bios file issue, the zipped bios file has to be renamed neogeo in order for the emulator to read it. Now when i try to launch the game (ex.aerofighters 2) i get this message: sfix.sfx not found. Can anyone tell me what i'm missing here? I almost have. For any of you guys who are able to play neogeo emu. perfectly, i could sure use your help. I've done all I can. Thanx.

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    "sfix.sfx" is a file in the bios. google the bios until you find one that works. If you are 100% shure you have the correct bios then re-naming the files might work(open zip file).

    NG-LO.ROM should be named 000-LO.LO
    NG-SFIX.ROM should be named SFIX.SFX
    NEO-GEO.ROM should be named SP-S2.SP1

    hope this helps.

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    Yes actually i did google the actual bios required for and got it. But now when i load the rom it tells me error message of GFX1 (S Rom). Keep in mind the game is aerofighters 2. My guess is that this file is NOT in the rom which is required to run the game. I found this out via cpsp1 emu/roms. The cpsp1 roms have this file which runs the games. So either the rom i downloaded is no good or its incompatible. If you know about this file GFX1 file and why its not in the rom please help me. I'm almost there. Quite a learning experience.

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