xart has released a new app for the PSP with DRM built in, heres the release notes:

Pre-Alpha released for anyone that would like to see what I am upto.


For addressing CFW bug.
AutoBootFixer v1.0

If the DRM file is invalid you can simply renew it by downloading a new one here... click here from Insoft.
Insoft S.O.L.O (Software Original Location Only) our DRM for Software
DRM is only used to prevent the spread of this software to other sites, in the event someone uploads this software to another site without Insoft approval the software application sig will be changed on future builds, rendering previous builds usless on download from any unapproved sites.

This Choice is designed for to be used as a simple menu to select from your personal backup collection of homebrew and your collection of other games.

This software uses it's own icons for homebrew "48 x 48 pixels"

Instructions : Making an Icon

For an eboot.pbp application simply create an 48x48 pixel icon named eboot.png at the same location of your eboot.pbp file.

For an iso based homebrew simply do the same but for the naming of the file you simple use the same as your iso file with the extension iso replaced with png, eg. if you had an homebrew.iso you would also have another file named homebrew.png

You can rate every entry by pressing left or right on the d-pad.
Launch a homebrew by pressing cross
On exit of any homebrew you will be returned.
Home will return to the XMB

I mainly making this for my little nephews so they have a nice simple menu to select what game they like to play and have released it here in case anyone is interested in looking for a simple menu for thier kids or nephews or what ever.

this is a pre alpha release so a lot more has to be done and estimate by next week it should be well into beta and the week after final.

Choice for BOOT is similer for Choice for Slim. Choice for BOOT is designed to make use of that cfw feture that will launch an eboot.pbp from a directory named BOOT on startup.