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Thread: How would you change Nintendo's DSi XL?

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    NDS How would you change Nintendo's DSi XL?

    It's bigger, it's bolder, but is it really that much better? Nintendo's heralded DSi line grew in more ways than one late last month, and now that you've had a handful of weekends to toy with yours, it's time to answer one majorly important question: how would you change it? We found in our review that the DSi XL was a solid option for those without a DSi of any kind, but we didn't feel that it was worth the $190 if you were just upgrading. For those that bought in, do you find yourself agreeing? Is the new size something you're into? Would you have made it a touch larger / smaller? Is the screen up to snuff? Do you think Nintendo went far enough with the advancements? Open up in comments below -- just keep it clean, okay? Your kids are probably reading.

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    I would have added Mii's on it, a video player, and a multi-touch screen

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    The obvious = Slot-2 and texture filtering.

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    GBA Slot too

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