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This is a new tool to create homebrew games for the Wii as "Wii game studio" but 10 times better!
It uses the library and devkitpro GRRLIB.
The French translation is in progress but the English version is available.

The goal of Wii Construction Set (named below) will allow programmers to create projects using a sort of drag and drop environment for pseudo complex actions (such as display graphics, animation graphics, animated graphics, playing the Wii, collision detection, etc.) to be done easily with simple functions.
Most of this program is, if a function does not exist in the WCS user always has the option to add C code to implement all the missing features to its project.

WCS is written as an assistant code.
It uses its own C code as a base, this base have been added additional features so that users can easily complete this project.
Many tools have been added as all tools DevkitPro,
Because WCS is designed only to create the necessary files from C code and compiling the project, it does not compile your project.
That said, instructions on how to install all required components (DevkitPro and GRRLIB) are included and a Makefile is provided to guide the compilation process.
Normally if you follow the installation instructions correctly, you should have no problem compiling C code for an executable file compatible Wii.

WCS 1.0 Features:

Some features of the CMS:

Automatic display of 2D objects that you created.
Automatic animation of 2D objects.
Automatic movement of 2D objects.
Support to determine if the objects appear on or under other objects.
support rotation of the object.
Support for 4 Wiimotes.
(Including IR data, Orientation, G-Foce and acceleration data)
Create objects in "rooms" to share or create dynamically at runtime.
Destroy the objects during execution.

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