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RaveWild is a shooter and strategy developed by ShinCrusader where you have to resist as long as possible to the enemy!

- Select and control units with the Wiimote.
- Observe the units controlled by the ORDI in combat.
- The level of units increases as the number of enemies defeated.
- Choose between three different units: Fighter, Sniper, and Turret.
- Move your character, order the selected units to follow you as their defense or order it to attack their targets!
- Discovered That your applications are added to the Homebrew Browser Without Warning. DevelopmentEffort + +
- Added Some 8-bit sound effects.
- Fixed some variables not reset Being When a game is Restarting.
- You can adjust the width and height gaps in the Options menu, to help with "any overscan.
- Added shield element: Either hold the Z or C on the Nunchuk and shake to generate a unit-healing, enemy-bullet-negating barrier.