Konami is finally starting to consider the DS a viable option for its Bemani series of games, as evidenced by the February 2010 release of the music game Utacchi!!. Think of it as a sort of light version of Pop’n Music, with some of the same songs but touch screen controls and different gameplay mechanics.

In Utacchi!!, players hold the DS sideways as though it were a book. The touch screen is where you’ll be playing along with the music, and the opposite screen will show a dancing character and the touch screen will have notes falling from the top to the bottom of the screen. You can alter the settings to choose how many rows there’ll be (between 1-5) and how difficult the experience will be.

Since it’s a music game, I’d guess it’d be pretty import friendly. As long as you keep track of what color note requires what kind of tapping motion, you should be fine. Plus, think of it this way – if you import you know you’ll be getting a game with classic Bemani songs. If Konami did decide to release Utacchi!! overseas, the company would probably fill it with English-language tracks.