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Thread: PS3 heading for a Crysis?

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    ps3 PS3 heading for a Crysis?

    A job listing for the position of PS3 programmer appearing on Crytek's website is causing us to speculate that the dev's gorgeous PC FPS Crysis could be porting to Sony's new console. One of the responsibilities attached to the position, you see, is "Cross platform code development", while "Experience with next generation cross-platform development" is a requirement.

    But the speculation could be purely crazy, and Crytek's PS3 construction could very well turn out to have nothing to do with Crysis at all. The studio has recently stated that it has several "vastly different" games in development at its Frankfurt headquarters, and speaking to us Crytek also gave firm word that Crysis would be a PC-only title. It wouldn't tell us naughty fibs now, would it?

    Either way, if a console port does turn out to be in the works, it's unlikely we would see it anywhere near the launch of its PC counterpart, considering Crysis is due out in the first quarter of 2007 and the studio is only just advertising for PS3 programmers.

    We'll let you know if any more info on Crytek's console development surfaces.

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    "Experience with next generation cross-platform development" is a requirement.

    how can you have experience in something which hasnt been done yet...

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