Sony has released a revised forecast ahead of the reporting of its full year financials this Thursday.

According to the company, it expects to have generated operating profit of 32 billion (229m / $343m) over the year, a sum much improved on February's forecast of a 30 billion loss (215m / $321m).

The company's sales and operating revenue predictions were down slightly on February's estimate overall however by one per cent from 7.3 trillion ($78.5bn / 52.4bn).

Its games business was mentioned briefly in the statement, with Sony saying:

"Within the Networked Products & Services segment, operating results are expected to exceed the February forecast by approximately 10 billion yen (71m / $107m) mainly due to improved performance within the game business and VAIO PCs as a result of better than anticipated reductions in both operating expenses and manufacturing cost."

Sony's Q3 financials showed a boosted operating profit of 19.4 billion (134m / $213 million), an improvement of 25.3 (125m / $277m) billion year on year.

However, profitability of the games business specifically was relatively unchanged, with cheaper hardware manufacturing costs for the PlayStation 3 offset by declining PS2 and PSP sales.