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MODFREAKz released a new version of 360 Flash Dump Tool(info), an application that will allow you to decrypt/encrypt and extract various parts of a XBOX360 flash dump and much more!

What's new/fixed:
* Added static SMC Config editing [change CPU/GPU Fan Speed, Calibration Data, MAC Address, ....] (Thanks to q36)
* Added support for single file "config.bin" editing/converting via Drag'n'Drop
* Added ability to convert Xellous/NandPro(info) raw SMC Config to different Styles and vice versa, e.g. for ibuild (Thanks to foouser)
// FreeBOOT SmallBlock Style 16Kb
// FreeBOOT BigBlock Style 128Kb
// FlashTool SmallBlock Style 64Kb
// FlashTool BigBlock Style 512Kb
// BinCrypt2 Style 32Kb
* Added checksum calculation for static SMC Config Block (Thanks to cory1492)
* Added ability to extract/import encrypted KeyVault without known CPU Key [For Advanced Users]
* Added ability to extract ibuild compatible files (..\freeBOOT\Data)
* Added ability to open 70MB images (dumped with nandpro "-r70")
* Added Option menu to enable/disable several features
* Added Tooltips and Glass Effect
* Bugfix in Multiple CPU Key handling
* Fixed a lot small bugs