Scape is a little puzzle game / adventure created by Sheeft at the development competition organized by Nintendomax.

This is the moment a draft which consists of two levels!
The goal of the game to reach the sun the doll by cutting the son who connect.

- The time, the number of shots and the score is calculated at the end of a level (whether we can beat her)
- Ability to restart the level with the "replay"
- Management of the backup (it is automatic at the end of each level) in three different files
- It unlocks the next level by completing a (two levels available, but the 2nd is copied several times to test)
- Consolidation of character displacement (best crashes)
- Added limits on the sides, we can not leave the screen
- The wings of small insects (sceep) are moving
- Menu selection worlds with generic score display (Chapter 2 is available)
- Adding music to the world 2, the first music is redone (thank you Synthesis!)
- And then of course new gfx ...